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3.1 Women's Association USA is dedicated to honoring and celebrating the sacrifice and contributions of brave Korean women who played a crucial role in the Korean independence movement. We are committed to preserving their legacy and educating others about their significant role in history.

Please join us in supporting our various activities.

미주 3.1 여성동지회 문양

검은색 세둘레는 3.1정신의 3을 뜻하고

태극기의 8괘를 상징하며

붉은색의 한줄은 3.1정신의 1을 뜻하고

​정열과 일편단심을 상징함.

"The past is never dead. It's not even past." - William Faulkner

Our Mission

Our Mission

Within this 3.1 spirit, we strive to instill national spirit, foster love for our mother country, establish our identity as Koreans with a sense of sovereignty, teach our country's true history, encourage current and future generations, and contribute to society and the community. there is.

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