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The March 1st Women's Association was centered around 18 female independence activists who fought against Japan for the independence of the Republic of Korea, despite traditional customs and social restrictions, thinking of their country before their own lives and their people before their beloved sons and daughters. This organization was founded in 1967.

In order to inherit and develop the spirit of love for the country, the March 1st Women's Association holds an academic conference on the patriotic activities of female independence activists every year, and to console the holy and noble souls of those who participated in the patriotic movement and to honor their patriotic spirit. We are planning and holding a memorial service and reflecting on the spirit of patriotism by touring historical sites of the patriotic movement.

In addition, we provide scholarships to high school students who produced patriotic activists, including descendants of the bereaved families of our ancestors, and exemplary college students, so that they can take pride in their noble love for country and spirit of sacrifice. Youth, who can become the driving force behind the creation of new history, are encouraged to write essays, oratory contests, etc. on the topic of love for their country or the independence movement to help them establish a correct view of the country.


We are continuing various spiritual enlightenment projects such as fairy tale storytelling contests and Taegeukgi drawing. The March 1st Women's Association Choir, organized by its members, is invited to various events of patriotic organizations and performs independence military songs themed around the patriotic independence movement.

Since there can be no individual happiness and peace without the country, the 3·1 Women's Association promotes peace with a sense of balance through the upright spirit and attitude of love for the country. We will fulfill our role and mission as an exemplary women's patriotic organization to create a unified and prosperous Republic of Korea.

Chairman Profile

(Current) 17th President of the Americas 3.1 Women’s Association

(Current) Chairman of the Korean Soul Food Foundation

(Current) Chairman of the OC Northern Korean Association

(Former) 3rd and 4th President of OC Northern Korean Association

(Former) New Star Real Estate special lecture instructor

Graduated from University of California Irvine

​US Chosun Ilbo LA Real Estate Column

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